With plenty of experience in both food and lifestyle shoots, photographer Nader Khouri always gets a thrill when he gets to combine both skill sets. “They’re two specialties that require two sets of knowledge,” he says. “I love the challenge of doing them together.”

Vivino CEO Chris Tsakalakis uses the app on a bottle of wine, from photographer Nader Khouri

For Vivino, a popular wine app, Nader planned two distinct approaches. “First we did a shoot in my studio with a hand model and the app,” he explains. “Then on day two we headed out to the bar…the wine bar, that is… to capture lifestyle shots with the founder, Heini Zachariassen and CEO, Chris Tsakalakis.”

Portrait of Vivino Founder Heini Zachariassen and CEO Chris Tsakalakis in a wine cellar, by photographer Nader Khouri

“I have to know the way light moves through liquid and how it highlights food, and also how to frame people’s faces with light and shadow,” he says, on the differences between the two specialties. “I have to be meticulous enough to bring the most out of a studio shoot, but nimble enough to guide a location shoot.”

A hand holding a phone, using the Vivino app, from photographer Nader Khouri

“And, I’m experienced enough to know when to bring in reinforcements,” he laughs. “For a shoot like this I’ll usually pull in a first AD and a digital tech who also have a balance of studio, people and location skills.”

A woman uses the Vivino app on a bottle of wine, from photographer Nader Khouri

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