Why Michal Venera and his studio are like a perfect pair of shoes


Michal Venera loves his Hokas. “They’re so light and comfortable—you put them on, and you never want to take them off,” he told me recently. He’s also loved working with the ultra-hot shoe and apparel brand for the last three years. Colorado-based Aspen Productions produced this recent shoot with the goal of creating a full range of product and outdoor/active assets for use in print and digital marketing. They chose Michal because he’s a proven pro in both studio and lifestyle work—and they chose his studio for its incredible range of options. It’s a 5,000-square-foot barn building, revamped into a state-of-the-art production facility, set on a 36-acre working sheep ranch in West Marin, about an hour north of San Francisco. In a single day, you can go from precision product work to outdoor shooting in the beauty of the ranch, at a nearby reservoir, or in some of the most striking wilderness settings in America. It’s that one-two punch of skills + studio that make Michal a shoo-in for active-lifestyle brands.