What Eli Meir Kaplan doesn’t do to capture a great smile.


Smiles are contagious. And these days, it seems more important than ever to spread them around. So, in honor of World Smile Day, here are some fresh ones from DC-based photographer and director Eli Meir Kaplan.

Eli trained as documentary photographer, and in his commercial work, that training really comes through. Even in a staged or highly choreographed shoot, he’s able to capture moments of authentic, heartfelt emotion. Case in point: smiles. In professional photography, real, believable smiles can be hard to come by. Eli connects with his subjects and has an authentic, upbeat conversation before the camera is even set up. Then he gives some direction, explains the story he’s creating, and gets out of the way. And if he has one cardinal rule, it’s this: never ask someone to smile. I hope these images bring a few smiles to your world this week.