What does surfing have to do with social impact?


Ashley Thompson and Ana Homonnay are known for celebrating people’s authentic truths—a quality that comes from their deep commitment to telling stories of social impact, diversity and human connection. How deep? In this case, deep enough to need a wetsuit. Ash and Ana were honored to be chosen to create these lovely images for the MeWater Foundation, a San Francisco–based nonprofit that harnesses the magic of surfing to inspire and empower kids from backgrounds of poverty and violence. As they waded into the icy Pacific, Ash and Ana witnessed that magic firsthand. And they knew that the story they were telling isn’t just about surfing. It’s a story of connection, kindness, mentorship, and love. A story about a bond of trust that helps young people feel less vulnerable and see the world in a different way. A story that shows us that sometimes a day at the beach can be life-changing.