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Weathering The Wild

The World Wildlife Fund has been dedicated to conserving the environment and protecting the welfare of animals since the early ’60s. Of all the threats and potential hazards to their mission, accurate climate predictions on climate change is the most unpredictable. The challenge with accurate predictions is accessing remote areas where much of the world’s wildlife is located, and sense animals don’t readily subscribe to weather reports, a solution was needed. Enter the new technology of Remote Weather Stations.

Remote Weather Stations are fully automated weather detection systems that can record weather data and patterns before uploading them for analysis. Because they can be easily deployed in remote locations, they are ideal systems that are assembled once in the field before tracking data. Our very own Richard Bornemann assisted this vision by creating an illustration detailing the adaptable features of the Remote Weather Station as well as an animation showing a 360 degree view of the system. Check out the video below and click here to view the full article at The World Wildlife Fund Magazine.

World Wildlife Fund