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Video production: going forward by going virtual.


Video production is challenging these days. But with the right resources, creating outstanding video is still well within reach—resources like Jef Loeb and Richard Jung.

Jef loeb

When disruptive auto seller decided to make its first foray into TV advertising right in the middle of the pandemic, they turned to Jef, a triple-threat director, advertising creative director and senior writer. His approach: find a powerful and eye-catching way to connect what’s unique about Shift with the current consumer mindset. His :30 spot, which breaks this week, was written, produced, and directed 100% virtually.

Richard Jung

In recent weeks, director and filmmaker Richard Jung has made a series of films called “Meet the Maker” that profiles some of the textile artists that work with London-based Loop Knitting. By virtually directing the artists’ footage and intercutting it with still photography and motion graphics, Richard is creating charming short films that have the power to build community and keep people’s spirits up.

And that’s just the beginning. I’d love to chat with you about how our artists can make this kind of work happen for you, wherever you are, wherever they are, whatever you need.