Today’s Special: Food Photographer Nader Khouri + Chef Dominique Crenn

Chef Dominique Crenn was named the World’s Best Female Chef of 2016, and her San Francisco restaurant Atelier Crenn holds two Michelin stars. So when LG tapped Food Photographer Nader Khouri to shoot portraits of her for their LG Signature campaign, Nader knew he’d met his match.

“She is so inspired by the poetry and emotion of food, I knew my style would be the perfect fit,” says Nader. Both artists are guided and motivated by storytelling. Crenn often bases dishes on her memories of growing up in Brittany while Nader’s background in journalism guides his lens toward human truths.
In fact, Nader photographed Chef Crenn once before in 2009, so they easily regained their rapport. For LG, Nader spent a full day with Crenn in and around San Francisco, taking candid and staged portraits and shooting food photography of her final plated dishes. “She has so much excitement for what she does, and it shows,” says Nader. “It’s nice seeing how she’s evolved.”

The LG Signature campaign focuses on the Signature of different creators from various artistic realms including fashion design, food and dance. Chef Crenn’s signature is “Serving Memories,” and the abalone dish she created during her day with Nader evoked memories of the first time she saw a beautiful abalone shell as a young girl.

Nader, also an accomplished lifestyle and people photographer, has been busy on additional shoots for Whole Foods, Hestan Cue – a Smart Cooking system, and a recently completed series on wine and sommeliers for La Crema wines. You can see more of his high-impact, well-awarded work here.

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