Thompson-Homonnay break into Glassdoor

When Glassdoor needed a new library of still and motion images, photographer team Ashley Thompson and Ana Homonnay were the perfect fit. “They really wanted to capture people with a passion for their craft, and satisfaction at work,” Ashley says. “We can relate to that!

Charged with creating both portrait and lifestyle images of everyday life at work, the duo embarked on a two-day shoot around San Francisco and Marin, managing a cast and crew of nearly 20 people each day.
“Basically, their ask was to make it spontaneous and modern, and not stock-y,” Ana explains. Known for their human authenticity, Ashley and Ana applied their relaxed, casual approach on set, helping the models loosen up and let their natural expressions and body language take over.
Well-established in their work with kids and teens, the pair says working with adults is not much different. “We start with lightness and humor, find some common ground,” Ashley says. “The approach is the same in terms of directing, lighting and visual story-telling. We love to work with humans.”

Next up, Thompson-Homonnay has a second shoot with Glassdoor, as well as plans to finish a personal project of tween football players in Oakland. You can see more of their fresh, natural style right here.

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