The wonder of winter through Stan Evans’s eyes


Photographer/Director Stan Evans is deeply committed to the idea of seeing stories through a lens of diversity. His recent collaboration with FERA—a minority-owned skiwear company with a high-style LA vibe—was a dream project for Stan and FERA’s CEO Eric Tung. Stan concepted, directed, and shot #Ferascapes, a still and video campaign, set against the stunning backdrop of Powder Mountain, Utah. “I wanted to show a winter world where the magic of fashion, diversity and the environment intertwine stylishly. It’s an invitation to see winter through my eyes,” Stan told me. To me, this work doesn’t just showcase his skills as a director and a photographer. It’s a perfect example of how he uses his vision and his point of view to create beautiful work that opens hearts and moves minds.

But don’t just take my word for it. Check out Stan’s behind-the-scenes video featuring FERA CEO Eric Tung at the bottom of this email.



Behind the scenes: Learn more about the #FERASCAPES concept