The amazing animal instincts of Filip Yip & Co.


What makes a duck quack? What makes an otter unmistakably otter-y? What puts the gold in a goldfish—even when it’s green? Filip Yip and his longtime collaborator Peter Cassell are geniuses at reducing an image to just a few essential strokes and shapes that make it instantly identifiable, charming and memorable—especially when it comes to animals, which they’ve turned to again and again to create identities, icons, and design elements for major national and international brands. As designer/illustrators, Filip and Peter are multi-award-winning proof that if you can tell a visual story brilliantly with the most minimal means, then everything else you create is stronger and more engaging—from original characters to package design and technical visualizations. I hope you enjoy this little menagerie of some of their favorite icons from the animal kingdom.




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