Temptation – what is tastier than that? Photographer Christina Schmidhofer loves to explore the emotional impact of texture, color and suggestion. Her food photography is renown for its mouthwatering compositions.


“My understanding of food and organic matter comes very natural to me,” explains Christina.
“Not only do I come from a background of avid gardeners – including myself – I can relate to the summers working in my brother’s gourmet gelateria in my teenage years.”


“For this ice cream series, I wanted to conjure up the joyful whimsy of summer,” Christina says with a smile. “I combined the Pop Art style of flat, vivid colors with the organic consistency of the ice cream and the simple beauty of edible flowers to tease those sense memories.”


For this project, she teamed up with the food stylist, Elisabet der Nederlanden, and prop stylist, Jody Kennedy. The directions were to have images screaming “summer”, “hot”, “colorful” and “modern.” Then, Christina pushed the lighting to create lots of hard shadows and contrasted colors.


Of course, capturing the individual images was only the first step – the ingredients of her pièce de résistance. To bring it all together, Christina enlisted Traci Shiro to design the layouts. The result? Compositions capable of transporting viewers to the summers of their youth.


If your next project could use her joyful power of suggestion, have a lick – um – look at the rest of Photographer Christina Schmidhofer’s work here. Temptation awaits!