Strong shots of tequila, from photographer Michal Venera

Sure, photographer Michal Venera expected there to be challenges while shooting website photos for Cruz Tequila near Jalisco, Mexico. Remote terrain, local gangs, bribe-happy officials, Michal had prepared for them all. He was not, however, expecting snow.
“They said it hadn’t snowed there in 15 years,” Michal laughs. “You really don’t want to show agave under a bunch of snow.” With only two days to shoot and some locations rendered unusable, Michal and his digital tech quickly adjusted their game plan.
Michal is no stranger to thinking on his feet. A veteran of countless on-location shoots, he’s partnered with marquee clients like Pottery Barn, HP, Wells Fargo and many others, bringing his inviting light and strong composition to lifestyle, portrait and product imagery.
Known for both still and motion work, Michal excels at finding the story in each moment. “These guys, they put a lot of care into what they do,” Michal says. “You can feel it when you look at the photos.”
He should know – in addition to his robust photography schedule, Michal is also a farmer, maintaining an olive grove in northern California and pressing his own olive oil every fall. His barn functions as an on-site studio full of fresh air and natural light.

“I love living out there. I love working out there,” he says. “You can breathe.” Which is precisely the feeling you get from so many of his photos. Check out more of Michal’s commercial, editorial and fine art portfolio here.

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