Steve Belkowitz’s secrets for putting his subjects at ease


Philadelphia-based still and motion photographer Steve Belkowitz is great with people—which is why he’s so good at capturing them on film. Steve was recently hired by two senior living communities in Las Vegas and Santa Barbara to create these delightful active-lifestyle shots for marketing. On real-people shoots like these, Steve is a master at putting his subjects at ease and making them feel safe and special. He also relies on some tried-and-true secrets that always seem to help. First, he’s particularly picky about his crew—especially when working with seniors—making sure he hires people who are extra upbeat, sweet-natured and patient. And then, on shoots like these, he often adds some professional talent to the mix, not just because he knows they’ll perform, but because he’s discovered that they help set a great example for the non-pros—literally modelling how to model! Photo skills. People skills. That’s the one-two punch Steve’s clients can always count on.