Steve Belkowitz Makes the Party

Photographer Steve Belkowitz brought out the wild side of Cleveland’s Hard Rock Rocksino in a recent shoot, acting not just as stills photographer but also Director/DP for 6 TV and web videos.


belkowitz_inst 2 1 16_15_1221
Thirsty for fun at Hard Rock Northfield Park


belkowitz_inst 2 1 16_15_2306
Post Road singer Sarah Marie gets ready to let loose


Steve, who shared the DP role with a trusted camera man, had one main goal for the shoot. “Keeping my visual style and lighting consistent between the stills and the video – that’s the niche clients hire me for.” To that end, Steve was constantly in the mix during the 14-hour shoot days, carrying his shot list in his back pocket and checking things off on the go.

belkowitz_inst 2 1 16_15_2865
The band that converted Steve into a country music fan

And go they did. Luckily, another of Steve’s goals is to have fun. “I always put together a fun crew, even when we’re literally running to make the schedule.” With country house band Post Road, plus cast, 10 extras, a full crew and clients on the set, creating that party atmosphere was no problem. “I even like country music now,” he laughs.


belkowitz_inst 2 1 16_15_1200
The party starts…now
belkowitz_inst 2 1 16DSC2604
Steve Belkowitz (front) and crew, behind the scenes

Next up, Steve trades the party lifestyle for domestic bliss, with a video job for inventor and entrepreneur Joy Mangano. And check out plenty more of Steve’s well-awarded still and motion photography here. Party on.