Steve Belkowitz Makes the Party

Photographer Steve Belkowitz has shot around the world, with top models and top clients. But his latest project had him on his knees. When Kiddie Academy approached him for a campaign starring the 5-and-under set, he knew exactly what he was in for. “I’ve worked with kids a lot,” Steve says. “You have to be relaxed and patient. And work with a crew that’s the same.”

The children were professional models, but for most of them it was their first shoot. Steve has seen his share of divas over the years, but with mini-Abe Lincoln he finally met his match. “He was a handful. At one point we just held up an iPad playing cartoons. That got his attention.”

“He was a handful. At one point we just held up an iPad…”

The client had a strong vision of their target audience but partnered closely with Steve on how to reach their goals. With casting decided, Steve hired a movie industry costume designer to custom tailor or create each outfit. He chose a Canon 5DS system and Profoto strobes for the shoot. But the biggest asset on set was the crew, who stayed calm and comforting throughout.

Ultimately, Kiddie Academy will use the shots for ads, posters, website, emails and brochures. Meanwhile, Belkowitz is already on to more adult pursuits, having just wrapped a still and motion shoot for Wind Creek Casino Alabama, a project for Planet Fitness and a new product launch for Gripbell. Hardly child’s play.

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