Stan Evans shares a different side of Sterling Shepard


Recently, Stan Evans shot these beautiful images featuring NY Giants wide receiver Sterling Shepard. The project—an advertorial for Genesis Automotive created by Bustle Studios and Camp4 Collective for the social platforms Fatherly and Inverse—was the perfect fit for Stan, combining three of the subjects he’s best known for and most loves: celebrity, athletics, and automotive. The fun twist in the advertorial is that Shep shares his wisdom not about football, but about golf. Stan’s images tell the story of how golfing in the early morning hours helps Sterling focus and get centered—while tastefully incorporating imagery of a gleaming 2022 Genesis along the way. Part of what helps Stan stay centered in his work is his love of making genuine personal connections with his subjects. In this case, he discovered that his parents and Sterling come from the same town, so they bonded over that. And from there, the shoot was as smooth and enjoyable as a sunny day on the links.