How Stan Evans is changing the face of skiing


This week, SKI magazine made history. The 85-year-old magazine published its first cover featuring a Black skier shot by a Black photographer. The skier was Olympian Errol Kerr, and the photographer was Stan Evans. Stan learned how to ski when he was growing up on a military base in Alaska. That crowd was pretty diverse, but when he got to college, he quickly realized just how white winter sports really are. But that never stopped him from honing his skills as a skier and a winter sports shooter. In 1995, Stan published his first ski photo, establishing himself as the industry’s first Black professional winter sports photographer, and ever since, he’s returned to the snow and the ice year after year to capture thousands of winter sports images—including several Olympians—for editorial and commercial clients like Outside, SKI, Snowboarder, Columbia and many more. For this week’s SKI cover story, he chose the location, collaborated on creative direction, and spent two days shooting—and sharing stories of struggles and triumphs—with Errol Kerr and three other Black skiers. I hope you’ll check out his moving behind-the-scenes video about the experience of working alongside all Black skiers for the first time in his career. From his photography to his Social Studies Show podcast, so much of Stan’s work is about exploring new pathways toward diversity, so this SKI cover is particularly meaningful to him. And it means a lot to the magazine, too. As Editor-in-Chief Sierra Shafer says in her current column, “This issue marks a new season in SKI Magazine’s story…We aim to transform what we all think a skier should look like or where a skier should go.” And as the 2022 Winter Olympics approach, Stan’s looking forward to continuing to play a leading role in that transformation.




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