Sharing a great new reel


We all know there are some creative assignments that come established and routine, expectations set. But then there are times when someone takes that familiarity and gives it a novel spin, a unique twist. So, when I asked Jef Loeb, a director on my roster, to develop something as standard as a compilation reel, I pretty much knew what to anticipate: a demonstration of his visual vocabulary highlighting his expertise in live action over visual effects and motion graphics, narrative, documentary, and real people; a fondness for an active camera; a palette that tends to the rich; and even a flash of comedy here and there.

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What I got back was all that and something more: a sizzle reel that, surprisingly, tells a story—Jef’s story. As a senior creative I showed it to said, “if this is the movie trailer, I’m buying tickets.”

It’s my pleasure to pass this along. And if your next project is right for someone who can turn the ordinary into something extra, Jef and I would be delighted to talk.



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