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“Say Cheese” with Photographer
Christina Schmidhofer

How would you describe this project in one word? “Creamy,” smiles Christina. “I grew up in Austria where the hills are dotted with dairy farms, vending machines offer cups of milk, and there’s a famous street lined with creameries near my hometown.”

Turns out, there’s a little bit of Austria in Northern California. Christina started with great animal portraits shot in Marin and Sonoma Counties and paired them with delicious fall dishes that had dairy as a central ingredient.

Julie Smith, the food stylist, started with a roulade to rival my most vivid childhood memories,” reminisces Christina. “Then, she fed our creativity and appetites with warm bread smothered in Panna Cotta garnished with pomegranates and ripe figs.”

Jody Kennedy, the photo stylist, had a blast pairing the “talent” with appropriate props. And Christina’s associate, Jeff Johnson, played a large part in bringing this dairy tale to life. The entire crew enjoyed seamless energy on the set that shows itself in the final compositions.

Foods that grow together go together. The complete simplicity of a locally made cheese only needs a slice of locally baked bread as a companion to make a soulful meal. It seems the same goes for artists. Christina was able to create a true collaboration with the entire crew.

“The hand model put on another crew member’s sweater for warmth,” recalls Christina, “and that inspired Julie to create a warm breakfast of oatmeal, wheat berries, wilted Swiss chard and a slice of Cypress Grove Humbolt Fog which melted to make a creamy sauce.”

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