Richard Jung pours some love for Kikkoman


Kikkoman USA and their agency, Ketchum, wanted to showcase both beautiful food and a diverse mix of people in their new spots for Soy Sauce and Teriyaki. That’s why they chose London-based Richard Jung to direct. Richard has developed a stunning food aesthetic over years of still photography and motion work, and his calm, gentle on-set presence gets wonderfully spontaneous performances from the talent. The soy sauce ad revives Kikkoman’s very first TV commercial from 1956, bringing it to life in a warm, contemporary way, while the teriyaki ad brings a message of optimism and unity to the American table. Thanks to Richard’s skillful planning, meticulous storyboarding, and casting savvy, he was able to shoot two spots using a single location and a cast of 17 to create a variety of scenarios that add up to a beautiful, heartwarming, and mouthwatering slice of American life. Kikkoman couldn’t be more thrilled, and these ads have already helped the US division win the company’s highest global award for marketing.



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