Richard Jung on the mouthwatering mysteries of chocolate


In honor of Easter, Passover and spring, please enjoy this chocolate sampler from Richard Jung. What makes these images so mouthwatering? Here’s what Richard has to say:

“How do you make something look delicious? The answer is visual taste cues. These are the little bits and details in a picture that trigger our brains to recall past experiences—the temperature, the texture, the mouthfeel. It’s the crunch of perfect pastry contrasting with a creamy filling. Cool and crisp meeting hot and spicy. Tangy and sour melding with sweet. In a photograph, these visual cues help our brains fill in the missing senses, and chocolate has cues galore! It’s such a versatile and joyful subject to shoot and film. Whether in solid, liquid or powder form it’s endlessly flexible and has an inherent mysterious beauty. There’s just something about this rich, silky, sinful substance that conjures blissful euphoria. I think all my fellow chocolate addicts out there will agree!”

I certainly do.



P.S. Scroll all the way down for an easy little holiday recipe.

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