“I love ice cream,” says retoucher Rachel Kissel, “so looking at these shots all day was the most difficult part of the job.” Rachel recently wrapped a substantial composite for Häagen-Dazs’ new non-dairy flavors.

Non-dairy frozen treat sandwiches for Haägen Dazs, from retoucher and composite artist Rachel Kissel

The packaging for their Trio product was shot in pieces: three different shots for the different layers of flavor, plus separate shots of the inclusions – that’s food industry speak for mix-ins like chocolate-covered peanuts or cookie chunks.

Haägen Dazs Trio Dark Chocolate Coconut Cookies & Crème package from retoucher Rachel Kissel
Haägen Dazs Trio Dark Chocolate Crunchy Peanut Butter packaging from composite artist Rachel Kissel

Rachel meticulously optimized each individual element, then united them into one tempting visual to clearly communicate what’s inside each flavor.

Haägen Dazs marketing cling with cone, inclusions and package, from retoucher Rachel Kissel

Other elements were developed for social media and marketing purposes, like in-store posters and clings for windows or dipping cabinets.

Chocolate ingredients and flavor cues for Haägen Dazs, from composite artist Rachel Kissel

“I could never pick a favorite flavor,” laughs Rachel. “It’s whichever one I’m staring at.” In addition to food, Rachel is deeply experienced in composite and retouching work in categories including people, nature, sports apparel and more. You can see more of her highly-finessed work here.

A bowl with two scoops of a frozen Haägen Dazs treat, from retoucher Rachel Kissel