(Re) Introducing photographer Eric O’Connell


I’m thrilled to welcome a brilliant new artist to our group. Well, I should say “welcome back,” because I represented Eric O’Connell in the past, so I’m already a huge believer in his talent, and I know what a delight he is to work with.

Since we worked together, Eric has been focusing on teaching and fine-art projects, and now that he’s returned to the commercial world, his work has taken on a whole new level of depth and contemporary energy.

With studio locations in Albuquerque, Arizona, New Orleans, and Hamburg, Germany, Eric has created award-winning work for clients as diverse as Oracle, Ritz Carlton, Cadillac, Quicken, Microsoft, Symantec, Silhouette, Forbes, Fortune, and Wired, who appreciate his easy ability to work with people and bring concepts to life.

He also holds an M.A. in visual anthropology at USC, focusing his lens on the social and psychological undercurrents of everyday life. Eric’s fine-art photography often looks for the heroic in the seemingly mundane, exploring intimate human truths in search of deeper cultural understanding. His work is housed in the permanent collections of the 911 Museum in New York, the Wittliff Collections at Texas State University, and the Monroe Gallery of Photography in Santa Fe. And his groundbreaking Cowboys: East Germany is Texas Folklife Museum’s longest-running solo show.

There’s a tension in Eric’s work between truth and mystery, beauty and emotional intensity, cultural curiosity and commercial know-how. And that’s what makes every image so powerful, so engaging, and ultimately, so effective.

Welcome (back) Eric!