Portrait of a Food Revolutionary: Alice Waters, by photographer Nader Khouri

“When you’re shooting someone like Alice Waters, you know you have to be ready to move fast,” says food and lifestyle photographer Nader Khouri. “People like this are so busy. But instead she came in and sat down with me with such a relaxed, polite demeanor. It was the exact mirror of the intentional, values-driven approach to food that she champions.”

Nader spent four days last month shooting portrait and lifestyle shots for Alice Waters’ new home cooking MasterClass series. Shot on-set in Berkeley, Nader worked both indoors and out to capture the personality of the innovator and Chez Panisse founder that he calls “the most influential person in food of our time.”
“Just shooting with her, I took away so many lessons about food,” says Nader. “You can really see how important it is to her to find the best ingredients – her eyes just light up when she talks about her favorite herbs and vegetables and the farms where she finds them.”

Nader can’t give away too much about the content of the MasterClass videos, but he does promise you’ll want to get straight to the farmer’s market and then into the kitchen. “She is so passionate about slow food, high quality ingredients and education, you can’t help but get inspired,” he says.

Nader also recently finished a project for the restaurants of the Fairmont Hotel in Austin, Texas and was the photographer for the recently released book, Kombucha, Kefir and Beyond. You can see more of his mouth-watering work here.

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