Five cities. Five microbreweries. The one and only Willy Shine. What could go wrong? Very little, according to Photographer and Head Ringleader Will Strawser. His approach? Plan like crazy, then go with the flow.


First stop: Maui, HI. Apparently, not all shoots are created equal. The goal for this five-city extravaganza was to create a body of social media and print material in support of brand icon Willy Shine’s new show featuring interviews with independent brewers across the US.


Any surprises in paradise? “When we were shooting content of Willy Shine surfing in Maui,” recalls Will, “Humback whales were surfacing and jumping less than 100 feet away. It was pretty wild. Also dolphins were swimming under his board while he rode waves. Hawaii truly is an amazing place.”


Back on the Mainland and back on the beach in San Diego. You haven’t tried to plan and execute a complicated five-city shoot until you’ve tried to do it with a team of Jaegermeister employees. Long days tend to turn into long nights.


This stop included a lifestyle shoot with local talent. “Jagermeister wanted to showcase their drink being consumed in a fun and safe way,” explained Strawser, “so we cast modern millennial types and scouted locations to capture the fun, laidback San Diego lifestyle.”


From sea level to mountain high, Will Strawser’s moveable circus traveled on to Denver, CO – a town that treats microbreweries like church and brewmasters akin to high priests.


Despite the added demands, Strawser made the decision to work with a minimal crew. This freed him to capture Willy Shine and local brewmasters in intimate and authentic moments that fit Jaegermeister’s social presence to a tee.


Each city added its own personality to the project and The Magic City, Miami, was no exception. Four stops in, tapping into this local flavor is how Will kept the shoots looking distinct.


“It’s not easy to keep making bottles of liquor look fresh and unique,” said Strawser, “so I’m glad we were able to push out of some expected boxes and get cool images.”


What better place to end a microbrew tour than Beantown? A great place to reflect and hoist a final beer. “I think the large scope of the project is the most amazing thing about it,” Will reflects. “We were able to travel, coordinate and shoot all of these cities and breweries, but also form great connections and friendships with all involved.”

If you would like to get better connected with Photographer-Director Will Strawser, you can check out his work here. Drinks are on us.