Preparing to launch their new custom-made men’s suits, Macy’s tapped veteran photographer Steve Belkowitz for their Tailor Square brand’s first ever photo shoot. But with an all new internal team, and no visual precedents, Steve quickly realized his shoot would have to be made-to-fit as well.


“It was a bit unconventional,” laughs Steve. “There was no producer on their side, no shot list. “They casually threw in a request to take video of every still shot. So, yeah, we had to really have our side buttoned up.”

Shot over two consecutive days, Steve and his crew of six staged at his studio each morning before heading out to cover five locations per day. “It was about a hundred degrees, pretty tough on the models. We’d finish one location, try to cool them down and dress them for the next shot. Oh, did I mention it was also raining off and on?”

A guy in fashionable vest and tie sits on a motorcycle, from photographer Steve Belkowitz

Fortunately for Tailor Square, Steve has seen, and managed, his share of challenging shoots over the years. An accomplished lifestyle and portrait photographer, he’s created high impact images for clients from Under Armour to Samsung to Wells Fargo.

A man in a suit walking and holding an umbrella, from photographer Steve Belkowitz

“Tailor Square is just launching,” says Steve, “so we had to help them show more than the clothes. It’s about the brand and the lifestyle.” The brand will use the visual assets for their inaugural lookbook, as well as online communications. “In the end, I think we got some really good shots,” Steve says.

[one_half]A man in a suit comes out a revolving door, from photographer Steve Belkowitz[/one_half][one_half_last]A man and woman play bean bag toss on a back patio, from photographer Steve Belkowitz[/one_half_last]

Next up, Steve is prepping for shoots with PECO, Pennsylvania’s energy utility as well as Vanguard Funds. You can see more of his high energy, highly-awarded work here.

Two men in suits stand against a white wall with sunlight streaming from nearby, from photographer Steve Belkowitz