A rolligon transport vehicle carries cargo over the arctic tundra.

Does art exist at 18° below zero? Photographer Patrick Bennett loves to make the dirty, gritty, world of industry beautiful with color, design, and lighting. Especially when that means going to the ends of the earth.

Twin Disc Annual Report.  Fernandez Cambell Catamaran Tours in Parque Nacional Los Glaciiares near El Calafate, Argentina.

From Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to the Perito Moreno Glacier in southern Patagonia, Patrick’s eye for finding art in unlikely places and subjects has taken him to every corner of the globe.

Shipping chains.  Seattle, Washington

“I’ve been on an Alaskan tugboat in pouring rain for three days with bags over my flashes,” reminisces Patrick, “and finally got the shot I was after near midnight in a steady downpour on the deck of a million-gallon fuel barge.”


From the jungles of Peru to the bayous of the American South, Patrick hones his craft while learning from the people it is his privilege to capture. “There is nobility in industry. I get to witness how others live by photographing them for the companies they work for.”

Illustrating the move over law for the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA)

Patrick believes everyone puts a little of themselves into the work they do. The secret is to capture their purpose in a way that leaves the viewer with a positive feeling about that business or industry.

If you’d like to shine a new light on your industry, you can see more of Photographer Patrick Bennett’s work here. He’s ready to go the extra mile, kilometer, fathom, furlong or league.