Photographer Nader Khouri’s shoots a very special dinner on Tomales Bay

Bringing food and lifestyle photography together is no easy task, so it’s a good thing Nader Khouri has more than a decade of experience shooting both. In that time, he’s photographed literally thousands of intricate dishes and interesting people.

Culinary and lifestyle photography takes an incredibly deft touch. A vast reservoir of experience is required to bring these worlds together in a way that authentically conveys visceral appeal and emotional relatability.

“Brands today want imagery to be both authentic and real, yet polished and styled,” Nader explains. “And an image doesn’t get that way by itself.” Not only does it takes the right food, props, wardrobe, and stylists to strike that balance, it takes a particular skill set to fashion the desired composition with an invisible hand.

Drawing on his previous life as a photojournalist, Nader likes to work with “a fly on the wall” approach, but won’t hesitate to shape the action of the shot to achieve his desired goal and to meet the objectives of the client.

The stakes get even higher when you’re working with fellow artisans. “For this shoot, I asked the Makers to do what they would be doing as if I wasn’t there,” recalls Nader. “Yet I stopped them when I wanted to position them with a different background or have them relive a moment because of someone’s emotional reaction.”

When an image can literally make your mouth water, it leaves no question Nader is an artist working with artists. He applies that virtuosity to all of his projects, but is never more in his element than when getting to photograph both food and the people enjoying it.

Nader’s passion for good food and the good life whets the appetite for more. You can get a second helping of his work and inquire about availability here. It’s too delicious to pass up.

And to find out more about The Maker’s Dinner and the artisans who attended, you can read the full article here.