1500 pounds of fury. Eight seconds that feels like eternity. One perfect shot. To Photographer Jack Hutch, it all adds up to rodeo immorality.


Under the surface of the bulls and blood, the dust and mud, Jack unearths truths about the human condition. Courage in the face of fear. Determination despite the odds. Core values that connect generations.


Jack’s own values were forged working on the family farm. Up at 5 AM to milk cows, falling into bed after dinner, only to get up and do it all over again. While some photographers are endlessly chasing trends, Jack trusts hard work and a world-class bullshit detector to capture emotional, meaningful imagery for his clients.


“After four decades of shooting all over the world, I’m still drawn to small-town rodeos,” explains Jack. “The people are genuine. The risks undeniable. The courage unmistakeable. And the thing I prize most in work and life – truly authentic moments – are endlessly abundant.”


“I see a breed of people and a way of life in short supply today,” muses Jack. “Bull riders. Bronc busters. Barrel riders. Rodeo clowns. Underneath the mythology, these folks are incredibly compelling characters that live close to the land and animals that sustain them.”


From supermodels to superstar athletes to small-town heroes, Jack has shot ’em all all over the world. From tech and industry to architecture and the elderly, his vast experience and unparalleled instincts turn ordinary subjects into extraordinary imagery – every time out of the chute.

So if your project or brand needs a little “giddy up”, sneak a peak at the rest of Photographer Jack Hutch’s work here. It’s the Real McCoy.