Photographer Eric Frazier has been honing his craft for more than 20 years across hundreds of shoots. In all that time peering through the camera lens, what he’s looking for hasn’t changed. Beauty. Emotion. Impact. And some element of human truth.


“I tend to focus more on people photography and am trying to draw out genuine expressions,” explains Eric. “I enjoy the process a lot, and find being curious about people and asking ques-tions tends to bring out real reactions in them.”


Eric’s work is classic, but always unexpected. Brilliant color and composition are hallmarks of his images, yet the most marked characteristic might be his storytelling. This latest portfolio showcases that talent through untraditional pairings – juxtapositions that highlight his range and ability to draw the most out of each and every subject.


Eric doesn’t subscribe to any particular photographic motto our guiding principle. Accordingly, his beliefs are profoundly simple, “Just that there should be something beautiful or emotional in there somewhere…something that makes a person want to look and something that stays with them after they have.”


So how do you know if you’ve captured something unforgettable? “Usually right after you click,” according to Eric. “Things will start to come together – the light gets good, the subject turns out to be special, the vibe is right. It can be hard to predict, but when it’s happening you know it.”


“I like talking to people and asking questions, which usually helps them relax,” Eric reflects. “Most people have the same desires and fears as everyone else, so you can always find a way to relate.”


There you have it. Beautiful. Emotional. Impactful. And always with an element of human truth. You can see more of Eric’s work and request his latest portfolio here. Have a look, you won’t forget it.