What’s the best gig? The one you get hired for out-of-the-blue based solely on your past work. New Belgium Brewing, makers of Fat Tire Amber Ale, hired Andrew sight unseen for his outdoor chops, authenticity and incredible use of light.


“New Belgium Brewing approached me to create imagery to support the rebrand of Fat Tire as its own entity outside the New Belgium family,” explains Andrew. “Fat Tire would now be geared as the aprés adventure beer to support their tag line ‘#thenbeer.’”


The catch? Capture a summer lifestyle campaign in the Rocky Mountains…in March. A huge part of the assignment was to identify Fat Tire as a Colorado brand. Shooting in between snow flurries and rain squalls, Andrew relied on the campfire for more than a lighting effect.


What attracted New Belgium to Andrew’s work is his mastery of outdoor sports photography and use of natural light. Having decided to move away form the Old Bike illustrations, the client would be using imagery in a brand campaign for the first time, so the stakes were high.


Andrew has shot in every conceivable condition, but his approach never waivers. He believes in photographing people with a casual approach that communicates authenticity, not at all posed or recreated. “To me, that’s beautiful,” muses Andrew. “To me, that’s essential.”


The final rule? “Shoot your product with as much care and attention as you shoot your people.” Simple, but not easy. Still, you won’t hear complaints from Fat Tire – images like these will keep them rolling for another 15 years.


If your brand needs a fresh look that stays true to its heritage, check out more of Photographer Andrew Maguire’s work here. Beers are on him.