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Pet Part-Y!

Written By: Mark Rogers

Pet Photography is not the sort of profession you’d think could ever not be challenging or interesting (it isn’t). However, it is easy to occasionally fall into a rut, so I find it vitally important to regularly throw in new variables to keep things fresh. Sometimes these are one-shoot-only deals such as using only one lens for the whole day. Occasionally I do things over an extended period like shooting at the same location 10 times to see how different I can make it look for each.

For 2015 I want to go even further and chase a theme for the entire year. Even try to make it a part of every pet session I do. I’ll check in with you periodically along the way and then at year’s end put something together that shows off what we got. What I need from you is a little help narrowing it down to one thing.

Over the years I’ve casually fixated on specific pet parts: paws, ears, eyes (even butts) and included them in the set of shots I offer clients. For 2015 I want to choose one part and stick with it.

So help me out. Will it be the year of the nose? the tail? Something else. Here are some shots from the last few years to get those juices flowing.

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