Oklahoma revisited. Jay Fram returns to his roots


Not long ago, Portland-based photographer Jay Fram got the good news that he’d been awarded a big location shoot for a major telecommunications company. He was thrilled not just because it was a great gig, but because he’d be shooting in his hometown, Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

Then he got the bad news: the shoot was canceled. Jay was disappointed—until he realized he didn’t have to be. Instead, he decided to self-produce and shoot the project as a personal series about the people and landscape of the place he first called home. He ended up spending four very full days shooting all over Cherokee County—at a timber operation, on ranches and farms (including the family farm on Spring Creek where he grew up), and, to cap it all off, at the 75th annual Strawberry Festival in nearby Stilwell, Oklahoma.

These beautiful images do what Jay does best: creating a sense of connection that brings people and places vividly to life. Who says you can’t go home again?