Need a superhero? Shane Johnson to the rescue!


Superheroes are a natural fit for marketing and corporate communications, and when companies like Cisco and HP need are looking for some custom crafted superhero action, they often turn to Shane Johnson.

Clients love working with Shane not just because he’s such a great illustrator. Along with his artistic talent, he brings a rigorous strategic process to his work. He starts by asking smart questions about what the client is looking to communicate. Do they want their logo or brand palette incorporated in the character’s design? How will the drawing style, colors, costuming, accessories, expressions and poses help support the brand story? Will the character be part of a team of superheroes? Then he does preliminary designs, often in very different styles. As choices are made, a series of studies help refine the work. A “turnaround” shows how the character will look from multiple angles, and Shane also does studies of facial expressions, clothing, and props.

Over the years, Shane has created corporate and product mascots, characters based on real-life client team members, educational characters, and designs for comics and editorial use. It’s one of his favorite parts of his work. And looking at these super images, it’s easy to see why.