Nader Khouri reflects on the world’s most beautiful cookware


Way up in northern Piemonte, the Ruffoni family has been handcrafting some of the world’s most beautiful copper cookware for nearly a century. A few months ago, Ruffoni’s US marketing team engaged Nader Khouri to create a new collection of winter entertaining images for web and social promotion. Having photographed the cookware for a website update earlier this year, Nader knew how stunning these hand-hammered pots and pans are—and how reflective. But reflections are a challenge Nader loves. In these shots, his masterful lighting skills, honed through years of tabletop, food, and lifestyle photography make the cookware literally shine through, even in these complex, richly styled settings. Working on location with the help of food stylist Aldana Iturri and prop stylist Christine Wolheim, Nader was able to create a gorgeous collection of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and evergreen images all in a single day—which is also a great reflection of his skills as a producer and director!