Nader Khouri is helping make food media more equitable and inclusive.


For food and lifestyle photographer Nader Khouri, Cócteles de Temporada was a dream project. For starters, it was the brainchild of Nader’s longtime collaborator, the multitalented stylist Jillian Knox. Jillian had a vision of making a beautiful series of books that reflected more representation and inclusion than what’s typically seen in mainstream food media. So, she invited a diverse team of brilliant creative people to join her in hand-crafting a work of art and storytelling in the form of a seasonal, art-forward, Mexican-inspired cocktail book—and to make it exactly the way they wanted to.

Nader, Jillian and their frequent prop stylist partner Anna Raben created the photos, taking inspiration from the bold colors, shadows and geometric shapes of the great Mexican architect Luis Barragán. Nader was in his element, employing a signature lighting style he’s been developing for years that perfectly evokes the blazing sun and spirit of Mexico.

The book is being released in a limited edition this week by Casa Ojo, the textile company created by Jillian and her husband Elvis Santoyo that works closely with indigenous craftspeople from Oaxaca, Mexico. The team’s hope is that through this project they can establish an example of an equitable and inclusive future in publishing and food media.

Click here check out the book and get your hands on your very own copy.