Monica’s Process & Wonderful Weirdos!

Monica Klasa, not unlike many illustrators, has a particular, unique style. Here, she provides a fascinating insight into just how her process is shaped, but don’t expect inside information – she keeps the real creativity hidden – it’s her special sauce!

Monika describes her process:
“A list, a list…I always start with words on a page. Researching, pulling apart themes, tangling details and adjectives until I have the full visual picture in my mind of something that is wonderfully mashed up and remixed.

Then a sketch. The placing of things, the orchestrating of future compositions. This becomes my thin road guide to the ink that will go on top. The ink never fully follows the lines of the sketch and things get sharper and stronger and more clear as I move across.

Next the scan. The cleanup and moving of elements to make the perfect black inked, clean lined shapes that will hold color.

The rest is digital and a secret sauce of layers and accidents and purposeful things.

This list is full of wonderful weirdos…”