Monica Klasa



Monica Klasa is an amazing illustrator who has been the better part of 20 years in an ad agency as a Creative Director. Having studied both illustration and advertising, she found herself wanting to make her own art for a living. So, she started creating illustrations for new campaigns, making the move to an in-demand, full-time illustrator.

Her aesthetic showcases her ability as a storyteller, rather than having a specific focus. Her deep passion for design and typography cross-pollinates with many disciplines, which leads to creative, original artwork. Monica can go from creating something cool to making people laugh, or even to illustrate something from a political point of view. Her illustration has been described as sweet and sour, and has been featured in award-winning campaigns.

Her inspiration comes from incredible illustrators such as Yuko Shimizu, Lisa Congdon, and Gemma Correll. She originates every project by hand, digitalizes it, and further manipulates it in Photoshop. She believes that illustration can provide levity, making people think and inspire all kinds of action.