Jef Loeb tackles a big topic on a small budget


It’s one thing to make a video for a nonprofit advocacy group look polished and professional on a shoestring budget. It’s another thing altogether to make it powerful; something no amount of budget can guarantee. It takes a team that brings the full range of strategic, creative, directing, interviewing, and editorial skills to the table. Or, if you’re lucky, it takes Jef Loeb—a single person who combines all those talents along with the unique perspectives offered by an international award-winning advertising creative director. When you find that kind of person, you don’t just save money, you get a singular focused vision that makes the work sing. Case in point: this video Jef did recently for the Housing Leadership Council of San Mateo showing how Redwood City is taking steps that will, according to the experts, dramatically reduce homelessness. It’s not just the beautiful, high-finish aesthetic choices Jef was able to make with the simplest of means. It’s also the way he gets interview subjects to speak from their hearts in brief, powerful ways—and how he stitches just the right images and words together to tell a compelling story. This short film shows how one community is working together to prove that we can find compassionate ways to make a difference in addressing this intractable problem. It’s smart, strategic, human and touching—a big achievement on a tiny budget with just three and a half minutes to get the job done.



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