Jef Loeb and the art of telling the truth


It’s not often that a public service announcement gives me a lump in the throat. Here’s one that did. Recently, PG&E asked Jef Loeb to concept, write and direct a series of short videos featuring employees sharing their pandemic stories and their feelings about vaccination. The job had its challenges, both technical and human. Jef did the entire shoot remotely, using Zoom, FaceTime and messages relayed through an onsite line producer to direct the talent, the two cameras, and the crew. I admire how he managed to create a moving, yet unsentimental mini-doc in just under two minutes. He did it by using every part of the set, every camera angle and every shot to create a feeling of “being there.” And he did it by bringing the sensitivity of a seasoned director, who sees into souls with empathy and knows how to get people to speak their truths in ways that are both honest and perfectly suited for storytelling on film. I hope you’re staying safe and healthy, and I hope this video gives you a little lump-in-the-throat moment, too.




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