Jay Fram

Photography & Motion


Jay Fram is the guy agencies call for evocative, honest portraits of real people and places. Based in Portland, Oregon, since 2019, he has spent two decades honing his craft as a commercial photographer and director, working with all kinds of professional talent and real people, all across the country—from global biotech execs and presidential primary candidates to unhoused teens aging out of foster care. His clients have included Alcon, Johnson & Johnson, Biogen, Siemens, AT&T, Shure, Timken, and Logitech, as well as several major universities. Jay enjoys the thrill of overseeing production with a crew of thirty, but also never tires of the intimacy of a small shoot. He’s known for his ability to put people at ease, even—or especially—when they don’t love having their picture taken. He believes that a successful shoot is about more than great images; it’s about great customer service. It should be a fun, thorough, and satisfying experience for the subject, the crew, and yes, even the client.