Jay Fram shares the secret of bring tech to life


When ArsenalBio, a San Francisco-based programmable cell therapy company that’s on a mission to cure cancer, hired photographer Jay Fram to create images for marketing and communications, he knew he wanted to do more than simply document the company’s breakthrough technology and equipment. He wanted to capture a sense of hope and optimism.

“When I shoot technology,” he says, “I find that my best strategy is to bring in a human element. That’s what gives a machine meaning. It’s like photographing a giant sequoia—it would be nearly meaningless without a human to give it a sense of scale. And if you can manage to include some human emotion in a tech setting, all the better. Then you’ve got something unusual and compelling. Then you’ve got a story.”

Jay’s instincts for composition, light, color give these images of steel and glass their beauty. But it’s his people skills that bring them joyfully to life.