Jay Fram shares a fun TikTok testimonial


When Portland, Oregon–based photographer Jay Fram got a call to shoot a portrait of Aaron Rasmussen, co-founder of MasterClass for Bostonia Magazine, he wanted to reflect Aaron’s playful personality and technological wizardry—and also to feature the Pacific Northwest.

Jay found two great locations, one with a view of Mt. Hood, the other in a forest. I’ll let Aaron pick up the story from here. He had such a great experience, he made a fun TikTok “making of” video about it.

Here’s Aaron’s video and some of the finished shots. Taken together, they’re a mini master class in Jay’s subject-friendly, collaborative approach—and the kind of memorable imagery it never fails to produce.



“My thing is making things, not looking good, so like many people, I get nervous in front of the camera. Jay and his assistant Rob made me feel totally at ease, and what’s interesting is that he started that process way back on the zoom call, having a nice conversation, learning a bit about me as opposed to just talking about the shoot.” – Aaron Rasmussen