Wandering alone through a cold, stark industrial landscape – sounds like fun to photographer Brian Smale. “Maybe it’s weird – I just like doing industrial pics,” he laughs.

An industrial tank in sepia, shot for Atlantic Power by commercial industry photographer Brian Smale
A tall building in silhouette for the Atlantic Power annual report, from photographer Brian Smale

Whether for clients like Atlantic Power, or for creative exploration, Brian is repeatedly drawn to the sharp lines and dramatic silhouettes of factories and machinery.

Black and white photo of shipping containers stacked high and wide, from photographer Brian Smale

And while he’s found himself in some down and very dirty locations during his personal pursuits, he doesn’t dwell on that. “Some of these facilities may not have a feel-good vibe,” he says. “But I’m just there for the lines.”

The concrete support legs of an overpass shot from below, from photographer Brian Smale
A power generating plant for the Atlantic Power annual report, from photographer Brian Smale

Based in Seattle, Brian is best known for his arresting portrait work, along with his corporate and location photography. He’s partnered with a diverse roster of clients including Fuji, GE, USAA and many more.

An industrial conveyer, shot for Atlantic Power from commercial photographer Brian Smale

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