Take a quick peek at the latest and greatest from our roster of illustrators.

Carolyn Vibbert: Scenes of autumn Carolyn’s illustration styles range from whimsical maps to strong simple icons to intricate woodcuts, but through them all she brings her signature warmth and approachability.

Graphic icon of pumpkin from Illustrator Carolyn Vibbert Illustration of fall colors in a New England town, by illustrator Carolyn Vibbert


Filip Yip: In costume for Clif Bar With a vast portfolio of high-impact logos, icons and characters to his graphic design credit, Filip enjoys the chance channel his inner-child once in awhile, like these dynamic packaging illustrations for Clif Kid.

Illustrations of kids in costume for Clif Kid, by graphic designer Filip Yip


Matt Weems: Horrors and Huckabee-Sanders Whether it’s mischievous plants or savvy politicos, Matt brings his strong line and visual point of view to the table every time.

Little Shop of Horrors poster with a sly Venus Flytrap-type plant, from illustrator Matt Weems Black & white portrait of Sarah Huckabee Sanders with the White House behind her, from Illustrator Matt Weems


Shane Johnson: Those meddling kids A veteran of character development and comic style, Shane also frequently illustrates educational materials. We can’t reveal much about this not-yet-published mystery, but here’s sneak peek.

An angry girl wearing a team uniform in a locker room, from illustrator Shane Johnson Three girls stand together in athletic clothing, from illustrator Shane Johnson