Sometimes picking the right illustrator is a slam dunk. Kelly Hume’s hallmark has always been his versatility. He believes in letting the subject dictate his approach rather than forcing projects into a predefined style. Despite a middle-school basketball career most notable for bench warming, Kelly bottled up NBA-level energy in this Nike promotion and designed a book cover that captures the madness of the NCAA tournament.


How do you say “Drink beer” in different countries? Kelly designed the first two illustrations for a South American beer importer despite never having visited the continent. Instead, he looked to a historical figure for inspiration basing the Santiago illustration on a military figure whose statue resides in the capital of Chile. The Silver Bullet didn’t require such exotic inspiration (though you might spy a little of Mt. Rainier in those Rocky Mountains).


How does Kelly, a compact hybrid driver, get revved up for off-road trucks? “I try to get a feel for what the client is after,” he explains, “Often I ask them to point to something we can look at together – my own work or any sort of visual reference.” The goal for Wildhorse Casino Giveaway was to create excitement for something that seems like a long shot. “It was fun to feed off of that anticipation, I just hope somebody actually won the truck.”


What do you do when Sony Records wants you to visualize a tribute album for fabled musician? Blind Gary Davis was a bluesman and gospel singer known for singing happy little ditties like Death Hath No Mercy. He played the banjo, guitar and harmonica the way Illustrator Kelly Hume jams on typography, graphic design and illustration. On the other end of the musical crossroads lives the Rock & Roll College Bowl, an online music trivia game. From the depths of despair to the titillation of trivia, the illustrators who can bridge that gap are few and far between.

If you’re looking for the perfect fit for your next job, check out the amazing versatility and impressive variety of Illustrator Kelly Hume’s work here. You’ll see the possibilities are endless.