When your primary muse is Mother Nature, where you live can have a profound impact on your work. “I moved to New Hampshire very early on, but I lived more than half my life elsewhere, San Francisco, Seattle, Kansas City, Washington DC, and Richmond VA.,” recounts Carolyn, “I came back here 14 years ago because no other place really felt like home.”


Clients like New Hampshire Magazine and Amber Lotus give Carolyn a free rein to communicate their brand values through her unique interpretations of nature. “I love doing botanical work because it’s loose and natural,” Carolyn explains. “Curving vines and hills flow naturally with my drawing style.”


But Carolyn isn’t always lost in the woods or wandering in the garden. Food and cooking is another endless source of inspiration for her and her clients. “I’m not a cook, although I love drawing food. Again, it’s that curving natural line.”


Carolyn’s artistic approach is as varied as her topics and styles. “For half of my work, I do an inked drawing on a piece of masonite,” she explains, “the result is similar to a woodcut, but not quite.”

Eggplant b&w

So, how is she able to make her illustrations spring to life? Carolyn explains, “I scan the results into Photoshop and turn the drawing into a stencil of sorts that I can fill with color allowing me to play around with different backgrounds on layers.” The rest comes down to art and heart.

They say in nature, light creates the color. In art, color creates the light. If your next project could use a ray of light, shine your eyes on more of Illustrator Carolyn Vibbert’s work here.