How to build your way out of a recession


SF-based director/creative director/writer Jef Loeb has a smart take on how we can all make the most of the tough economic times ahead. Here’s his advice:

  • Step one: Be unafraid, be very unafraid. You and your company have not only survived, but thrived, through downturns before. Besides which, as one of my former construction industry clients once told me, “if nothing’s going wrong, nothing’s getting built.”
  • Step two: Recognize the opportunity for what it is. It’s going to be very quiet in the industry for a while, and that means it’s going to be much easier to make your voice heard.

To which I would add, Step three: Talk to Jef about ways to do the long-range brand building that will serve your company as well navigating changes in everything from capital markets to the future of work. If you want to see what Jef can bring to the mix, here’s a just-released piece he wrote and directed for a major Bay Area construction firm.