How Steve Belkowitz creates planned spontaneity


Philadelphia-based Steve Belkowitz loves photographing people—especially at the two ends of the age spectrum, kids and seniors. These shots were done for a mix of clients, including major pharmaceuticals companies like Bristol Myers, Squibb, Merck, Quest Diagnostics, and Johnson & Johnson, as well as HumanGood, a nationwide chain of senior living communities. Steve enjoys putting in the extra time and care in concepting and preproduction that helps make each scenario feel realistic. For these shots, he worked with a mix of “real people” and actors sourced by his favorite casting agency. Whoever he’s photographing, Steve has a knack for putting people at ease and bringing out their inner light. He keeps things quick and comfy, covering the client brief first, and then trying new ideas in the moment, which often end up being the ones the client loves best. That’s because they have that unposed, spontaneous feel that comes from the perfect balance of carefully setting up a situation and then letting the magic happen on its own.