How Jef Loeb made a TV spot at nuclear speed


It’s not easy to come up with a breakthrough way get people to think differently about an environmental hot button like nuclear energy. But that didn’t stop Director/Writer/Creative Director Jef Loeb.

Recently, senior California environmentalists concluded that the state should keep the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant open while we transition to renewable energy—a radical change in viewpoint about including nuclear as part of the essential clean energy mix. With the threat of power outages looming and federal deadlines fast approaching, they knew time was of the essence in bolstering public support. They needed someone who could get the message right—right now.

Making ingenious use of stock footage, Jef concepted, wrote, produced, and edited this illuminating ad. And amazingly, he did it in less than a week.

Jef is well known for his laser-like ability to nail a big idea that results in focused, authentic, and powerful creative—bringing the unstoppable energy and insight it takes to open minds and move mountains. As for his ability to make that happen at warp speed—well, that’s truly next level.



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