Hand-crafted storytelling: Introducing Bryan Coppede


I’m thrilled to announce that Brooklyn-based still and motion photographer Bryan Coppede has just signed with us. Bryan is a master storyteller whose work is both beautifully crafted and deeply honest and relatable, bringing real people and their worlds to life in a truly distinctive way. For Refoundry, a nonprofit that trains formerly incarcerated people to become self-reliant woodworking artisans, he documented the Hand-in-Hand project. When a person is arrested, their handprints are taken for identification; this project reimagines that idea in a powerful, positive light. Participants place their hand in the hand of someone else to be painted, and then, in turn, paint that person’s hand. The resulting hand-prints become art that celebrates the individual and the power of collaboration and community. And that’s just the kind of story Bryan loves to craft.